Cultural Activities

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Singing Practice sessions
in preparation for group singing
on Aradhana Day
The following Aradhanas are celebrated
annually on different days.
Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Annamacharya,
Sri Purandaradasa,

Sri Swati Tirunal and Sri Alwars'.

On Aradhana day the events are Puja at 8:45 A.M.
Group Singing of that particular day's composer(s) compositions,
followed by Prasadam distribution, followed by
Individual singing of that particular day's composer(s) compositions.

Some weeks prior to Aradhana day(s),
practice sessions are held on every Sunday at 4:00 P.M,
(subject to change by weather, conflict of other temple programs etc).

"Kritis" details, lyrics in different languages, audio files,
date and time of practice sessions are communicated by email
 to participating members by coordinators.

For further details contact - Coordinators :
Smt. Kalyani Raghavan - 412 371 5120
Smt. Sithalakshmi Madhavan - 724 325 7525
Smt. Saraswati Chelluri - 724 325 9504

Aradhana dates for 2017
  - Sri Tyagaraja Aradhana
 - Sri Purandaradasa Aradhana
  - Sri Azhwar Aradhana
  - Sri Annamacharya Aradhana
 - Sri Swati Tirunal Sangeethotsavam
Aradhana Day Schedule
8:45am - Puja
followed by
Group singing of the Composer's kritis
Individual singing of Composer's kritis
Prasadam distribution
5:00pm - Evening concert